As 2019 comes to an end I want to say thank you to all who have read my words this year, passed them on to others, and agreed with, or sometimes questioned them.

I greatly appreciate your responses.

Like yours, my year has had its share of joys and woes, challenges and unforgettable bits,
and for all of it I say, thank you God.

Tomorrow, 2020 begins its slow unfolding.

Through it may the mystery of God enfold you,
the wisdom of God touch into your own,
the fragrance of God be all around you,
the wonder of God be always at your fingertips
and the love of God flow through the ordinary of your days.

                                                                                 Judith Scully (judith@judithscully.com.au)

Sunrise at Uluru

3 Replies to “2020”

  1. Dear Judith I thank YOU for your words of wisdom and for sharing your experiences and insights so generously. I wish you many blessings as 2020 looms. Mum & I are heading to Wallangarra, just north of Tenterfield on Thurs for my uncle’s 80th. Very much looking forward to catching up with family – and hoping for rain! Best, Tracey

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  2. [cid:6E3C47B4-2890-4738-A1B8-7ABFCEEB4A74-L0-001]
    May 2020 be a year of kindness sprinkled with thoughtfulness

    Peace and blessings

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