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A Gentle Unfolding

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In Jesus’ name  My childhood Jesus has given way to a Man who knows what life is like.

All fired up  Jesus said he came to scatter the earth with fire. That’s our Pentecost legacy.

Easter challenges me  Culturally, theologically and liturgically, Easter continues to challenge me.

More than just a mum It sounds weird to say this out loud, but now I’m older than my mother.

What does God look like?  In the 2016 census 29.6 % of the Australian population ticked the ‘no religion’ box. I swirl this fact around my brain for a while before I drift off into something that might be relevant to this fact.

About a Red Car  It was a small red car, its paintwork pockmarked with tiny dints left in the wake of an unexpected hail storm. The insurance company said it was a write-off . . .

Visiting after dark  If Nicodemus was around today he might have been a politician.

Autumn landscape  That morning mist is how I sometimes catch a glimpse of who God is, of the relationship between God and me. I see, but I don’t see.

Faith is a slippery fish  It’s  easy to lose sight of the fact that faith is deeply personal, dynamic and living and changing, while religion is the way faith may be expressed.

Women on the Edge  Jesus stuck his neck out for women, women like Peter’s mother in law. They belong to the “no-name” cast of women who people the pages of the four Gospels.

Snakeskin  Our pasts are littered with the slipped skin of other times and places.