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I’m an Australian woman with a background in things religious. Increasingly I find myself on the boundary of traditional beliefs and practices that once defined me as a catholic. Retirement from active church ministry has given me the space to embrace the creative potential of living on the edge, an insider and an outsider, sometimes described as a cafeteria catholic.

I write because I believe that organized religion doesn’t always have the language or freedom of expression that touches into our God-hunger. Memories of childhood holidays in farmland first settled by my great grandparents, coupled with my early adult years in remote areas of the Northern Territory, have been visual catalysts that moved me beyond my everyday horizons and opened me to the wide spiritual dimensions of life.  IMG_2276

The musings and reflections on Words from the Edge try to find the God dimension and depths in everyday issues, relationships and experiences – without the church-speak.


You will find more of my writing at http://www.tarellaspirituality.com

If you would like to respond to any of my posts I’d love to hear from you at judith@judithscully.com.au.

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