A Gentle Unfolding

In late January 1958 I flew from Sydney to Darwin. It was my first ever flight, daylight and cloudless. The vast spaces that unrolled beneath me took my breath away. No mountain ranges, just countless brown ridges hinting at height and distance, occasionally the glint of a roof in a clump of trees and the meander of a river bed. I was a newly minted nun, teacher’s certificate in hand and onroute to the aboriginal settlement Wadye, then known as Port Keats and I had discovered the wonder and the seduction of Australian space.

That experience goes a long way to explain why I have called my book A Gentle Unfolding.4387004928_c2355dfde9_o The places and spaces of the Australian landscape are the backdrop of my life experience, and the vocabulary of landscape helps me to recognise how my personal story of place has shaped and given meaning to the way I relate to God.

I’m an ordinary woman, and appreciating my womanliness has led me to trust my feminine experience of God and how women live out that relationship. And while the creedal basics of my catholic faith haven’t changed, how I experience and live them has.

Port Keats 4
Myself and my dad at Wadye some time in the 1960s.

A Gentle Unfolding: Circling and Spiralling into Meaning is the story of a vocation that is twisted through with invitations and challenges that have nothing to do with set-aside lifestyles but everything to do with my God relationship.

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A Gentle Unfolding: Circling and Spiralling into Meaning will be published 26th August 2018.


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This is me, Judith Scully, and I’m getting ready to celebrate the release of my first book! 

Back when I was a teenager, while the rest of my class prepared to be nurses, teachers or secretaries, I chose to be a nun. In the terminology of the day, I had a vocation. Nobody questioned it, least of all me. Sixteen years later I assumed that I was leaving my vocation behind along with my neatly folded but discarded habit.

Over the next year while I earned a living, book coverlearnt to drive and discovered the joys of shopping, I realized that God’s call was still strong in me. In all the years since then I have come to understand that the Christian vocation is twisted through with invitations and challenges that have nothing to do with set-aside lifestyles but everything to do with staying in love with God.

In 2015 I decided to write my experience of those years, putting it in a framework of the events, influences and places that have backgrounded and coloured my life.

So I’ve written a book which will be published by David Lovell Publications in late August.

Shortly I will share with you some snippets from the book, along with photos and  bits and pieces that never made the pages.













Publication date is late August.