A Reflection for Australia Day

 The first time I flew across Australia, from Melbourne to Darwin, was a memorable experience. It was summer and in just a few hours my suburban background gave way to enormous sweeps of bush and brown earth, occasionally punctuated by what looked like toy towns, snaking rivers and once or twice a glitter of lake. Finally I landed into the wall of heat that was Darwin. That was a long time ago but the memory of it is still jack on beachvivid.

Do you have a memory of one particular Australian summer? It may go back to childhood or be quite recent.

On this Australia Day weekend why not book yourself a personal slice of time, find a quiet spot and revisit a never-forgotten summer time and place. Try to use all your senses to recapture whatever it is that made that particular Australian summer experience so memorable.

Where was it?

burnt gumWhat do you see? What is the quality of the light? What physical features are dominant? Is there something there that you focus on?

What do you hear? Are there background noises? Is the sound of the place pleasing to you?

What part of you is touching this place? How does it feel? What is its texture?

Breathe deeply through your nose. What is the smell of the place? Does the smell evoke any feelings or memories for you?

Is there a taste to this place? Open your mouth and inhale. Have you ever eaten here? What would you eat here if you could?



What feelings or emotions have surfaced in you as you revisit this place?

What relationships do you associate with it?

Who do you carry in your heart when you revisit this place? Are you surprised by that?

What is your sense of God in this place?

Judith Scully

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