Wonderful to be here

Last week the Gospel gave us a glimpse of Jesus alone in the wilderness. This week he and his closest followers have climbed a small mountain.

Jesus was a mystery to them. One moment he was just ordinary, then he would do something right out of left field, like walk on water or challenge the temple priests or climb a steep hill to – admire the view? Well, no, to pray – again.

Sun-Shing-Through-Spring-4K-Wallpaper-1920x1200Whatever happened there made a deep impression on Peter, James and John. In church- speak it’s known as the transfiguration. Peter, James and John wanted to stay put on that mountain because in a mostly inaccessible place in themselves they knew that they had been part of a “God moment”. They couldn’t adequately put words around it, but they felt its mystery and transcendence right down to their toes. They also knew that what they witnessed went way beyond their experience of Jesus up to that point.

We all have occasional experiences like this, something we would probably hesitate to call a ‘God moment’, but might label as spiritual. If we try to talk about it to someone we love or trust, we run out of words and end up saying “You had to be there….”

This week, try to find time to think back to one or more of those “God moments” in your own life. Relive them and as you do so and thank God for the gifts that they were and are.

Recall a moment of great joy ……communal or personal. “Lord, it is wonderful to be here.”

Recall a place where time stood still. “Lord, it is wonderful to be here.”

Recall a shaft of understanding, a knowing that was like a shaft of light. “Lord, it is wonderful to be here.”

Recall a hurtful occasion, when you were able to forgive or be forgiven. “Lord, it is wonderful to be here.”

Recall a moment when peace slipped surprisingly into your spirit, and stayed for a while. “Lord, it is wonderful to be here.”

Sometimes a smell or a sound takes you straight back to a special and unforgettable time and place. “Lord, it is wonderful to be here.”

Recall an answered prayer. “Lord, it is wonderful to be here.”

Recall a time when you recognised that you were loved. “Lord it is wonderful to be here.”

God is a God of surprises. God is mystery. It takes courage sometimes to trust God’s voice within us. In that moment, like Moses before the burning bush, God says:
“———————-, take off your shoes. This is holy ground. “

And you respond,
“Lord, it is wonderful to be here.”

Judith Scully

4 Replies to “Wonderful to be here”

  1. Your posts are always a blessing and a challenge. I too have been reflecting on my God history. Reaching into it to take that which is holy into me eternal destiny.
    In Him
    Kaye Ballantyne

  2. Good morning Judith,

    Thanks for this – one of your best!

    This weekend we are celebrating 150 years of education at St. Patricks School in Bega and along with your suggested “recalls” yes, “It is wonderful to be here”.


    Roger Heffernan

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