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This is me, Judith Scully, and I’m getting ready to celebrate the release of my first book! 

Back when I was a teenager, while the rest of my class prepared to be nurses, teachers or secretaries, I chose to be a nun. In the terminology of the day, I had a vocation. Nobody questioned it, least of all me. Sixteen years later I assumed that I was leaving my vocation behind along with my neatly folded but discarded habit.

Over the next year while I earned a living, book coverlearnt to drive and discovered the joys of shopping, I realized that God’s call was still strong in me. In all the years since then I have come to understand that the Christian vocation is twisted through with invitations and challenges that have nothing to do with set-aside lifestyles but everything to do with staying in love with God.

In 2015 I decided to write my experience of those years, putting it in a framework of the events, influences and places that have backgrounded and coloured my life.

So I’ve written a book which will be published by David Lovell Publications in late August.

Shortly I will share with you some snippets from the book, along with photos and  bits and pieces that never made the pages.













Publication date is late August.

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