You’re invited to a book launch

Midway through July, three years ago, I took a deep breath and began writing a book. I had just returned from an Australia wide gathering of catholic communicators, young women and men whose work of passing on the catholic story reminded me of my younger self.

I am one of the thousands who left religious life after V2. Some would say that we ‘lost our vocation’. Not so! We took with us the formation and education we had received in religious life and gave it a new focus in education, parish ministry and even liturgy.
Those years were unique and later generations will look back and analyse their importance and the effect they would have on the future of the Australian Catholic church.

I decided I would like to write my experience of those years.

That book, titled A Gentle Unfolding : Circling and Spiralling into Meaning is finally ready to be introduced to the world on August 26th. I’m sending you this invitation to its launch even though many who read Words from the Edge are scattered across Australia and even further.

I guess I just want to say, “Rejoice with me”, that it’s finished, that David Lovell Publications valued it enough to publish it, and I hope that in the near future you might buy a copy. More about that in a week or two.

drum rollAnd now– you’re invited to a book launch!

book launch invitation rev

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