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Publication date for A Gentle Unfolding is now only two weeks away and I’m both excited and apprehensive. It’s one thing to know that words and sentences I wrote, deleted, rewrote, despaired of getting just right and eventually accepted as the best I could do, have now made it into a book with my name on it. It’s something entirely different to write 50,000 words about me, and not feel vulnerable. Memories are so personal, but the minute they are written in black and white for anyone to read, they seem to lose something of their original specialness. Unless of course they touch into something of the reader’s experience. If that happens, then all the re-writes will have not been in vain.

The life I lead might be almost unrecognisable to them, but I walk in the footsteps of the women who came before me, and A Gentle Unfolding is dedicated to four of them:
My great-grandmothers Maria Warren (1834 – 1917) and Elizabeth Ann Tonkin (1853 – 1931), My father’s mother who I never knew, Elizabeth Maria Gilligan (1876 – 1930) and Florence Anstice Helyar (1887 – 1957), my maternal grandmother who left me a memory I call Tarella.

maria scully rgb   Perkins grandparents combined  Elizabeth Gilligan_copy

(L to R: Maria Scully, Florence Helyar, Elizabeth Gilligan)

Tarella was the name of my maternal grandparent’s farm in the Victorian Mallee country where they brought up ten children. The house, named Tarella, was set in an oasis of scrubby gum trees, opening out into vast paddocks that drew a line across the horizon. That landscape seems to have merged into my DNA, urging me to move beyond everyday horizons and into the vastness and silence of a Mallee horizon. I’ve tried to bring the spiritual dimensions of that landscape into everything I write, first on my original website, Tarella Spirituality, followed by Words from the Edge, and now a book.

tarella painting
A Gentle Unfolding : Circling and Spiralling into Meaning
To be launched by Dr Bernadette Miles a director of Kardia Formation, Hawthorn
Sunday 26th August
at Heart of Life Spirituality Centre, 96 Albion Road Box Hill (Victoria)
4.00 for 4.30 pm

The book, published by David Lovell Publishing, will be available for purchase.

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