The Book Launch

There’s something about a book launch reminds me of the kind of after-the-funeral gatherings familiar to many Australians – an eclectic mix of family and friends swapping news and matching faces to shared times and places.

The launch of A Gentle Unfolding was something like that. A Sunday afternoon, and a time-line of women and men who at one time or another had been part of my life story, braved the late afternoon winter chill to help me celebrate my first book. There was a happy buzz in the room as people mingled and cousins swapped family news. The children were well behaved and the publisher, David Lovell and Dr Bernadette Miles said nice things about me and the book. And so A Gentle Unfolding: circling and spiraling into meaning was released into the world of books. book cover

My brother Mike filmed the occasion and you can see and hear Bernadette’s launch and my response on the links below.

A Gentle Unfolding book launch by author Judith Scully

A Gentle Unfolding book launch by Dr Bernadette Miles


Some of you may be familiar with Michael Morwood (Tomorrow’s Catholic and From Sand to Solid Ground are among his books.)

A month ago I asked him to read my book. This was his response:
” The flow and easy style will surely lead readers into a desire to share their own stories within their life-story. Let there be more story telling like this.”

I wonder if you will agree with him? Do let me know how my book fits into your life:

A Gentle Unfolding: circling and spiraling into meaning is available from, Amazon, Book Depository and

Till next time,  when Words from the Edge will return to normal,


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